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My name is Emily Hackett, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing individual, group and family therapy for children, adolescents, parents and adults seeking therapy.

I provide a warm, caring environment for you to explore your world. I am relational, interpersonal and holistic in my style and meet you where you are and your needs. I believe showing up to work on yourself is brave and can lead to transformation.

I worked in schools as a contract therapist for 6 years and have over 10 years experience working with children, adolescents, parents, families and adults in therapy and parenting education.

I am a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapy Certified Practitioner and use this technique for transformational healing of all mental health struggles and stressors. This therapy uses bi-lateral stimulation through eye movements, to connect mind and body and healing in the whole self. 
I am a trained yoga teacher and enjoy incorporating yoga and mindfulness into therapy and have a wide array of approaches unique to each person and their unique needs.

I believe the mind, body and soul all deserve attention and nourishing.

I am passionate and specialize in (much more not listed):

Accelerated Resolution Therapy
Yoga, movement and meditation in therapy
Narrative therapy
Integration of whole life experience and development of the self

Children and adolescents
Play therapy (including sandtray therapy)
Attachment based therapy
Parent and child relationship

Stress and self care                             Relationship dynamics
Anxiety and depression                     Attachment issues
Trauma                                                 Grief and loss
Self Harm                                             Somatic issues/body pains
Self-esteem and image/identity struggles 
Developmental/family of origin trauma

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